Exclusive Global Healthcare Market Research and Advisory Firm


Qualitative research is very structured research where a detailed discussion is done with various stakeholders where every discussion with the stakeholder is done to answer two main questions for its clients which are “WHY” and “HOW”. The qualitative research can be done across doctors, patients, competition for insights .

Yes Strategy has a very experienced healthcare research team that conducts research for clients across the healthcare space effectively and gain insights through:

  • In - depth face to face interviews (IDI)
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Focus group discussions
  • Ethnography research
  • Dyads / Triads interviews


Yes Strategy conducts quantitative research for clients who are interested to address specific business areas. Some of the methods to do quantitative research:

  1. Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI)
  2. Computer Aided Web Interviews (CAWI)
  3. Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  4. Face to face Interviews

The above methods can be used to address various studies like:

  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Brand Studies
  • Market sizing
  • Pricing studies
  • Patient feedback studies
  • Healthcare providers perception
  • Product testing studies
  • New product development, etc


Yes Strategy has executed multiple competitive intelligence assignments and clients request for competitive intelligence when they are interested to know what their direct and indirect competition is doing in the field. We also conduct ethical primary research with the different stakeholders to gather information which would be very tough to gather through secondary sources. Once all data is collected through primary and secondary sources Yes Strategy team would analyze each and every data point and statements and then prepare a detail report for its client that would add value to the clients strategic decision making.

There are various sources that are used to work on a competitive project which can be paid sources , publically available sources or detailed primary research:

  1. Financial analysis – Company annual reports, company fillings
  2. Competition interviews
  3. Distributor interviews
  4. Industry reports
  5. Industry journals
  6. Paid databases that document lot of company data
  7. Government sources
  8. Industry consultants


Yes Strategy offers multiple services that assist in clients in making strategic decision. We work on providing strategic support to our healthcare clients in several ways to help them achieve their business goals, covering:

  • Business Plan
  • Providing strategic market insights for new markets
  • Global expansion strategy
  • Advising on the best practices
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Developing actionable growth strategies
  • Strategic and commercial due diligence